BACS Processing Service

In addition to our full payroll service, we are able to offer a BACS processing service so that we make payments to your employees on your behalf. We do this by uploading a file with all your employees details (Name, Bank Details and Net Pay) into the BACS system and payment is then made on a certain date.

It is 100% secure and can be a real time saver if you have a large number of employees. It also allows for confidential payments to employees if you don’t want your regular purchase ledger clerk to see all the individual net payments.

The process is simple to setup and operate:

  1. We get your BACS Service User Number from you and apply to make submissions on your behalf.
  2. We ask you to sign the form to authorise this.
  3. We setup everything in the background and it is ready to process!

On an ongoing basis, we can send you the payroll reports, ask you to authorise the net payroll back to us and we will then submit the BACS file and your employees will be paid on the set pay date.

Charges start from as little as £15 per run but please contact us for a tailored quote for your business.