CIS Processing (Construction Industry Scheme)

Do you have sub-contractors?

Do you have CIS tax deducted from your invoices?

Do you have time to keep yourself up to date with the CIS legislation?

Winckley can deal with all CIS submissions, statements and reconciliations so that you can be sure you are not having to pay across to HMRC any more than is required. Our team will take all the stress away from you, giving you more time to grow your business. Our experienced staff will be able to reconcile your Construction Industry Scheme so that we can ensure all the CIS is reclaimed either via PAYE payments or (if we also complete your accounts), via a reduction in Corporation Tax payment.

We can deal with:

  • CIS Verification’s
  • CIS Monthly Submissions
  • CIS Suffered via EPS (Employer Payment Summary) Submissions
  • Preparation of CIS Certificates for distribution

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