Payroll Services Cost and Fees

When you factor in the time saved, costs of software and ongoing need to keep your payroll knowledge up to date, you can often save money by outsourcing your payroll.

Here is an example of a recent client:

Cost of Sage Software per month –


 £35 per month
Cost of Sage Payroll Training  –

(averaged out over year)


 £10 per month (est)
Time spent per month –

(let’s assume that in that hour you could make at least £50 of gross profit on sales)


£100 per month
Payslips £5
Total Cost now £150 per month
Winckley Payroll monthly charge £65 + VAT
SAVINGS: Over £500 per year


That client now has more time on their hands to grow their business and they no longer need to worry about their payroll.

Our payroll team are completing the above day-in day-out for many clients, so why not leave it to the experts.

In those hours you may have been able to go out and make more sales, negotiate better rates with suppliers, or have some time at home with the kids?

We would be delighted to offer you a no-obligation quote for your payroll, CIS, auto-enrolment or bookkeeping requirements.

Can you afford not to outsource your payroll? Contact us now.